Wash & Fold

We do all the heavy lifting, you take the credit

Statistics show it folks, almost 10 out of 10 people around you, ALSO have to do laundry. The only difference is… who has Laundry Out on their team. 

Let us sort, wash, dry & fold your laundry

Our dedicated staff will sort your colors, whites and delicates to make this easier for you.  

You'll have plenty of detergent choices, so no matter if you have a teen in football, a husband in construction or simply someone with more specific skin sensitivities - there are 4 different options to chose from depending on your needs. 

Professionally Folded

Imagine never having to fold a pair of socks or t-shirts ever again! Well imagine no more! All of your garments will always be professionally folded and delivered back to you in a beautiful presentation.

Price List