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Hottest new On-Demand laundry service in the Greater Puget Sound Region!

How does this work?

1: How do I schedule my driver?

You can use the link at the top of this page to set up your driver or simply text us at 425-822-2227. 

2: How do I prep my clothes for pick-up?

We can take them in your laundry bags, or simply leave them out in plastic garbage bags. Sounds weird, we know... but it works very well. 

If you love our service and decide to schedule weekly or bi-weekly pick ups - we'll provide new Laundry Out bags for you, at no extra cost. 

We even snap you a picture when we pick up your laundry. 

3: How do I pay? How do you weigh? I'm so confused!!!

We make it incredibly easy, see the simplicity in the first text you receive from us which will include:

  • The Weight 
  • Return Time 
  • Payment Link

Simply pay with debit or credit card at this time, sit back and get ready to be wowed!

4: How do I get my clothes back?

Showroom Ready!

No - honestly! We know that folding is half the battle and not only do we love to fold with precision, but we want to make sure your clothes are showroom ready, out of the box!

Delivery is made in a protected Laundry Out cardboard box, tote bag or plastic premium bags depending on items. 

5: Do I get to choose detergent options?

When you schedule your driver, you are asked to chose between options such as Tide Febreeze, Tide Free & Clear and Seventh Generation Hypoallergenic products for those of us with sensitive skin.  

30 second laundry day?

Schedule your laundry pick up in 3 easy steps and in less than 60 seconds!

We work on YOUR schedule. Our drivers start at 9am and last pick up is at 8pm. 

All you do is bring your laundry to the front door and we'll do the rest!

Welcome to Laundry Out

Laundry Service like you've never seen before. We wash and fold in Kirkland, Bellevue, Bothell, Redmond, Woodinville, Factoria and many others. 

Our team can sort, wash, fold and deliver!

Instead of dreading "Laundry Day" or bashing it on Facebook... Give our laundry professionals a try! 

Let us bear the elements!

There's no rain too strong to stop us, or sun too hot to drain us. We will always make our times. 

Home or Office - we come to you!

No matter where you are in our service area, our friendly valets are just a text away. 

what can we do for your lifestyle?

Too much time wasted!

Let's face it... 60% of you reported spending at least 10 hours per laundry cycle every couple of weeks!

That's roughly 10 full days per year wasted on laundry!

Come on! Get out and do something else with your time.

Amazing laundry solution!

Scheduling couldn't be easier. 

During the scheduling step, you'll choose your detergent options and add any personalized notes for our team. 

  1. Schedule your date and time for pick up
  2. Choose your detergent options and add personal notes
  3. Wait for our driver during that hour, or simply leave bags out

Get out there and enjoy the world around you!

Leave this repetitive chore up to the laundry professionals and schedule your initial pick up today! Break free of these 240+ hours that you waste, every single year!

Seriously... this is the third time you've passed this link lol - click it now and get that laundry OUT!


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