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Award Winning "on-demand" service

Business of the Year!


The community wanted an award-winning laundry service! - Laundry Out! heard you loud and clear!
Thank you to Univision/Komo for the recognition of being the best. 

Presentation for Business of the Year!


It was an honor to be recognized for creating jobs in over 25 cities, while serving our customers with dignity and excellence. 

Founder and CEO, Irmin Romero


"With technology and innovation being at our fingertips - we see no excuse in setting our sights for expansions to a 50 or even 100 city coverage with our superior on-demand laundry service - in the next 12-18 months"



We’re the hottest on-demand laundry service in the greater Puget Sound area and beyond:

How does this work?


1: How do I schedule my laundry pick-up?

Use this link (or the one at the top of this page) to schedule your pick-up. Or, just text us at 425-822-2227. 

2: How do I prep my laundry for pick-up?

Leave it by your front door in your laundry bags (or plastic garbage bags, if you’re casual like that).  Just make sure it’s somewhere safe but visible to your driver. 

Your driver will snap a pic of the bag when they pick it up (so you know it’s on its way) and when they drop it off (so you know it’s waiting for you to bring it in).

If you love our service and decide to schedule weekly or bi-weekly pick-ups, we'll give you new Laundry Out bags, free! 

If you love our service and decide to schedule weekly or bi-weekly pick ups - we'll provide new Laundry Out bags and plastic bins for you, at no extra cost. 

3: How much does it cost? How do I pay?

We charge by weight. So when we get your laundry, we’ll weigh it. Then we’ll text you with the following info:

· How much it weighs

· When we’ll have it back to you

· Payment link

You pay with a debit or credit card. Then just sit back and get ready to be wowed!

4: How is my laundry returned?



No, honestly! We know that most people hate to fold. But we love it. So, not only do we fold with precision, we also make sure your clothes are clean, fresh and ready to rock when you get them back.


They’ll come home protected in a Laundry Out cardboard box, tote bag or plastic premium bag, depending on need.. 

5: Do I get to choose my detergent?

Yes! When you schedule your pick-up, you’ll choose among options such as Tide Plus Febreeze, Tide Free & Gentle and Seventh Generation hypoallergenic products.

30-second laundry day?

Yes, it’s possible. Through us!

Schedule your laundry pick-up in 3 easy steps and less than 60 seconds!


We work on YOUR schedule, with pick-ups as early as 7am!  


All you do is set your laundry outside your front door, and we'll do the rest!

Welcome to Laundry Out

This is laundry service like you've never seen before. We wash and fold in Kirkland, Bellevue, Bothell, Redmond, Woodinville, Factoria and many other cities around the Puget Sound area. 

Additionally we will begin service in Spring of 2019 in: San Diego, Las Vegas and Portland, OR. 

Our team can sort, wash, fold and deliver!


Instead of dreading "Laundry Day" or bashing it on Facebook... Give our laundry professionals a try! 

Let us bear the elements!


There's no rain too strong to stop us, or sun too hot to drain us. We will always make our times. 

Home or Office - we come to you!


No matter where you are in our service area, our friendly valets are just a text away. 

what can we do for your lifestyle?


Too much time wasted!

Let's face it... 60% of you reported spending at least 10 hours per laundry cycle every couple of weeks!

That's roughly 10 full days per year wasted on laundry!

Come on! Get out and do something else with your time.


Amazing laundry solution!

Scheduling couldn't be easier. 

During the scheduling step, you'll choose your detergent options and add any personalized notes for our team. 

  1. Schedule your date and time for pick up
  2. Choose your detergent options and add personal notes
  3. Wait for our driver during that hour, or simply leave bags out


Get out there and enjoy the world around you!

Leave this repetitive chore up to the laundry professionals and schedule your initial pick up today! Break free of these 240+ hours that you waste, every single year!

Seriously... this is the third time you've passed this link lol - click it now and get that laundry OUT!


A word from Arnold himself...

Click only if you want to live...


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