Meet the team


Irmin Romero, founder and ceo


Mr. Romero has a passion for innovation with technology, strong background in project management and has spearheaded start ups such as Renacer Youth Treatment Center in Seattle, and SEIU Training Partnership.   

Mr. Romero is standing member of the Executive Committee with the Seattle Latino Chamber of Commerce.  A consistent advocate for entrepreneurial approach and support within the Latino community.  Active member of local Evergreen Mastermind Group where he enjoys tackling real life case scenarios along with individual, professional and community outreach goals. 

"We see that no matter how fancy the washer is, or how efficient the dryer may be... the time consumption for our laundry is simply far too great. It's time we move laundry into the digital age."   

-Irmin Romero 


Ilana Segura, business advisor


Ilana Segura joins our team as our Advisory Business Manager. She is no stranger to pressure and perfection in execution as she joins us with over a decade in experience with executive direction management, corporate culture and logistical challenges in an ever changing dynamic global setting. She currently serves as the Executive Assistant to the VP of Corporate Financial Planning & Analysis at Amazon. Previous to this role, she was the Senior Executive Assistant to the EVP & Global CFO at Starbucks Coffee Company for over 7 years.



“I enjoy networking, leading and coaching directors and executives alike. Nothing sounds better than a good challenge from a start-up company to a Fortune 500 company. No task is too big to undertake.” 

-Ilana Segura


Katie O’Leary, administrative assistant


Katie O’Leary joins the team with a strong background in the service industry and has great experience with Sales and Marketing. She brings a warm and positive work ethic, as she has worked with multiple non-profit organizations in various administrative capacities. 

She spends her time very wisely as she also manages her 3 wonderful kids, dog and husband. Some have called her a Ninja when it comes to organization, glad to have her on board!


Melina Guzman, administrative assistant | Las Vegas, NV

 Melina Guzman joins our team as Administrative Assistant in our Las Vegas region. She brings Las Vegas top-rated customer service, sharp administrative background skills and has lead administrative projects for leading Brands such as Metro PCS, Cricket Wireless as well as currently with Bed Bath & Beyond. Melina is fluent in Spanish, English and Emojis 😉.  

She enjoys time with her family, traveling, exploring and taking in the best of what life has to offer.